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Posted By Admin on 03/17/16


Donald Trump, the Republican presidential candidate is world-famous for his amazing business book, The Art of the Deal. In fact the The Art of the Deal is probably the top-selling, nonfiction business book of all time. That’s how big that book is. In the The Art of the Deal, Donald Trump lays out how you can get a good deal going even if you don’t have much to work with. He also spells out the kind of mindset you need to step into for you to get a good deal going. It’s very easy to screw up a deal because you’re not thinking correctly or you’re underestimating yourself or overestimating the people you’re dealing with.

There are just so many different signals that you need to pay attention to and the The Art of the Deal really simplifies all of that into certain common sense steps that you can follow to get better value for whatever negotiations you engage in. Believe or not, that same type of thinking applies to maximizing the results of your online booty call attempts on Let’s face it, if you are trying to find online booty call experiences you have your work cut out for you. There’s just so many guys out there looking for pussy the same way as you. They’re all using the same app. They’re all using the same websites and it’s a tremendous mess.

Your chances of success coming in are quite low. So how do you maximize the likelihood that you will end up fucking? Very simple. You look at it from the perspective from the The Art of the Deal. You need to have the right mindset. You have to be methodical regarding the chicks that you target and you need to actively learn from your mistakes. Put all these factors together and you would be able to be at the right place, at the right time saying all the right things to the right people. That is the essence of a great deal and that is also the essence of a great online booty call.

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Posted By Admin on 02/12/16


We’ve all heard that saying before bigger is better? No matter how you look at it that saying is true, if you went and ordered a meal and it came twice as big as usual your not going to complain about it are you? Hell no, you pay the same price you always have and take that deal like it was going on sale! Now I’m sure there’s always going to be a few do gooders that are going to say I only ordered a regular meal, but if that meal contained a stacked babe that was ready to fuck, would you be so quick to judge? I doubt it, I think you would snap that up and enjoy a sweet fuck with a larger girl with a sweet set of tits!

I really like how you guys think, in fact it’s very similar to how I view things. It seems like we’re one of a kind you and me, that’s why I have no problem with sharing me secret deal with you! I am going to show you how to get your own discount on XLGirls! That’s right guys, you’ll never pay full price for porn if I can help it, not when we have the best busty porn deals for you! .

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Posted By Admin on 01/23/16


You guys have hit the mother load with this awesome deal, you could say it’s going to be the best and maybe even the biggest porn discounts you’ve seen all year. Now when you join one porn site that’s usually the only site you can access to, but not with this mega offer, you guys can access 10 premium xxx sites for the price of one. Deals like this do not come around all that often, don’t be one of those guys that misses out.

One of the best things about joining a mega network is the niches, big tits, teens, horny milfs and more the network has you covered for loads of hardcore porn. The videos are in true HD quality as you’d expect, they also have one of the biggest porn archives on the net. I’ve a member here for ages and I tell you right now I wouldn’t give it up for anything, the hot Porn Megaload discount for 89% off is the best way to experience true hardcore porn!

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Posted By admin on 10/24/15

London Playmates Bella

While she isn’t quite as thick as Maria Moore, you cannot possibly turn down Bella from This Eastern European wonder has a full figure and she loves taking on couples with her ample room for each participant to share.

Ladies like Bella are shattering the stereotypes of what you should expect from escort agencies in London. She has a thick booty, great boobs and wide hips, not your typical Barbie Doll by any means.

London Playmates has made it very easy to make your reservation with Bella and dozens of other girls. You can call their dedicated staff at 07519 632771, or go online to their website and use the Book A Girl menu tab, or begin the process right on your dream girl’s centerfold page.

Once you experience the London Playmates way of proving escort services you will wonder why it took you so long to find them.

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Posted By admin on 10/16/15

Hot babe Maria Moore sunning her titties

When you think of juggy BBW porn videos you think of Maria Moore. Hey, don’t sweat it, I am only calling you out because I just scored a place to see them all in crystal clear HD without having to pay the high prices most porn sites charge.

It is hard to believe any site would allow you to download HD porn movies with the high cost of bandwidth, but the guys at ePorner are doing just that. You don’t have to join any silly clubs or even be logged in to start watching and grabbing the videos off of their servers. However, there are some perks to joining.

As a member (which is completely FREE) you can upload porn, create playlists and collections, follow others who seem to be uploading what you like to watch and much more. There is even a community to find and fuck other members… or just chat it up about the weather.

Check it out and bookmark!

Posted By admin on 10/10/15


Those of you who are looking for hot ethnic cams should be paying attention because I am about to give you the inside scoop on how to find them!

Go here and check out their free webcam search engine. The site is like Google for webcams. All of the biggest networks are included so you can find any girl you are looking for and some you might not have known existed.

While there check out the BBW babes like ethnic webcam honey xEbonyFlavax. The engine also has links to more specific engines in the same network like so you can hone in on exactly what you are looking for!

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Posted By admin on 10/09/15


– Never Get Emotionally Attached

You have to remember that women who join anonymous dating sites are in it for one thing and one thing alone.

They’re looking for physical intimacy, and that’s it.

If you try to throw in any kind of emotions into the mix, you are sure to scare them off.

This applies to both before and after the act.

So when you get emotionally attached after your hookup, it will really screw up not just your chances of ever getting laid with that woman again but also your chances of attracting other women from that site.

You don’t want to develop a reputation as that emotionally needy guy that women should steer clear of.

– Keep It Light and Fun

If you want to get invited to the party again and again, do yourself a favor and keep it light and fun.

That’s the bottom line.

Put no pressure on yourself, make sure that you look at it as some sort of adventure and a fun game.

With the right mindset, you increase the likelihood that you end up with the experience that you are looking for.

Otherwise, it’s too easy to just drop the ball.

It’s too easy to be heavy, so emotionally needy that you drive women away.

Remember, they’re looking for fun; they’re not looking for Prince Charming, they’re not looking for a knight in shining armor.

They’re just looking for a good fuck, okay?

So steer clear of all of those expectations.

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Posted By admin on 09/21/15

When you are in the hospital you want a nurse like BBW pornstar Maria Moore taking care of you. Her busty boobs will leave you feeling taken care of without her even touching you. But lucky for you this nurse gets horny and she loves a good challenge. This hot BBW handjob video shows why plumpers with natural boobs are needed in the nursing profession.

Bookmark for streaming cell phone videos that get updated daily. Videos are encoded to play on web enabled HDTV’s, PSPs, set top boxes with browsers, game consoles and just about everything else that can play HTML5 videos.

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Posted By admin on 07/11/15

Maria Moore is larger than life

If you are a fan of Maria Moore, and I doubt you would be here if you weren’t one, you need to check out and look up their Plumper Pass deal. It gets you 25% off on the biggest broads in porn including the ever so lovely Maria Moore.

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Bookmark them and go back often since the deals end and new ones are worked out on a weekly basis. Hurry up and get this deal before it is gone!

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Posted By admin on 04/04/15

Marie Moore gets a full service massage

Some guys see this BBW video of Maria Moore receiving a full service massage and they think she is gross. To me all of that extra plumper flesh is just more fun to have massaging that BBW’s bod!

While looking up some good plumper lesbian videos I found FreePornz. The site keeps tabs on where the best videos are of any given subject. It them sorts them all and gives you access to them for free. How they find these videos is beyond my technical expertise. All I know is that they seem to have every video ever created. All tagged and bagged, ready for you to watch them at your own leisure.

Look up any subject or any porn star and you are sure to find thousands of hot porn tube videos on!

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Posted By admin on 03/22/15

MOnster Curves coupon deal

Jada Stevens was born with an ass that just won’t quit. She found out early that sticking things up her ass while she orgasmed made the whole ordeal that much more intense. After a few years she began to orgasm just from anal stimulation!

See her fabulously fat ass get fucked with a Monster Curves porn discount. Don’t be like those other suckers who pay up to $39.95 a month to enjoy the ass plundering goodness that is Monster Curves. Instead, put down just $9.95 a month and get the same great service and updates as everyone else.

Each week new deals are created at Porn Deals and they always work hard to save you money. The slick set up makes it easy to look up deals based on money off or by categories.

This is why you should keep reading my blog and why you should bookmark!

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Posted By admin on 03/19/15

Scoreland Discount

Not many women have tits bigger than a man’s head. The ladies you get with the Scoreland discount on have boobs so big you cannot wrap your head around them, but you can wrap them around your head!

There are over 1,600 voluptuous videos for you to enjoy and hundreds of models from all over the world. Not many sites can get women from other countries to fly in and deliver the full weight of their busty racks. Scoreland is not just any site. They have built an empire on the shoulders of naturally busty women.

Watch HD footage of men getting smothered, titty fucked and walloped by massive juggs. See those baby utters sway as big tit babes get piped from the back. See them barely escape black eyes riding reverse cowgirl with their boobs flapping up and down. All for 50% off!

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Posted By admin on 02/28/15


Nobody knows how this white babe ended up with some a fantastic specimen of booty, but the bros at know one thing for sure: she is going to get tapped in that phat ass!

Say hello to the porn industries cure for boredom. The Industry Invaders are setting the porn scene on fire with red hot videos featuring big booty pawg porn you ain’t never seen before. We all know how the industry uses tricks to inflate the look of white bitches with no booty to speak of, but that is not what you will find on Industry Invaders. They use real pawg babes from the industry and if they cannot find enough of them to satiate your hunger for white thunder butt they go out on the street and bring home a few cuties.

You might be thinking you are going to have to pay extra for all of this jelly, but nope! They are giving you full access for a limited time for just $5 a month if you buy a year and $19.99 per month if you want to go slow and ease into it. Either way you are coming out on top, the bottom and banging that shit from side to side!

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Posted By admin on 02/27/15


She’s chubby, horny, and a trentenaire/milf and her neighbor is naked on her couch with a rigid cock that needs attention. The pretty blonde babe gets on her knees and swallows him, demonstrating incredible skill in the gorgeous mom blowjob video. Her reward is a furious hardcore fucking where he first takes her missionary style and then bends the babe over and has his way with her tight cunt from behind.

Find a sexy limburg homo for a naughty live chat and experience an intense sexual release as you connect with someone and share dirty fantasies that you used to keep locked up in your head. Use the anonymity of internet chat to go to wild places. Beg him to fuck your ass bareback and cum inside you or to be your naughty bottom and let you have your way with his holes.

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Posted By admin on 02/19/15

Not your first and certainly not your last BBW

She isn’t your first BBW and she certainly won’t be your last. That is how it goes when you come up with the shorty-end of the stick at the end of the night. It ain’t all bad though. Some of these babes have tremendous suck power. Plus, if you have a fat dode like this guy does it feels even better in a fat and creamy pussy.

Over time you will come to respect that big fat ass. If you want kids a big fatty like this one will be popping them out for you with no problems. She will also be working your cock every night of the week. Studies show fat bitches are hornier than skinny ones.

Watch mobile porn at Egbo with any device. You don’t need a special program or anything like that. This place does all of the transcoding for you. All you have to do is make your hand like a pussy and stroke!

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